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OW-SG01 swing gate for supermarket

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  • OW-SG01
  • 1000 sets per month
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  • 25 days
  • By sea
  • T/T, L/C

Supermarket Swing Gate

1. has a breakdown self check and alarm prompt functions, easy to maintain and use


2.Through the main control board's built-in small press plate, programmable device running status;


3.Used for supermarket: dual infrared induction signal breaking function, pendulum brake when through the

first infrared signals to equipment,; The name of the second infrared sensor delay switch off;


4. Impact resistant, without receives the start signal, automatic swing arm locked; After receiving the signal swing arm, after open any Angle, continue to come back, then open the swing gate to open, let people big

personnel start to, does not affect the traffic speed.


5.Swing arm sync (for double pendulum, the split situation)


6.With automatic reset function, after the flood, within the prescribed period of time when not in use, the system will automatically cancel the user's access permissions


7.Adjustable normally open or normally closed, in order to meet the requirements of different fields


8. Induction or delay automatic reset, and standards for the open after 5 seconds (adjustable), automatic reset


9. Power swing arm pull out automatically, the electric automatic closing, conform to the requirements of the fire


Specificaton for dual swing gate : One way entrance only
1/ Rails : Stainless steel Material
2/ Optional width of the rails: 2.0M, 1.8M, 1.6M
3/ Pillar: 1.07M,the primary gate shaft is made with 89*4.5mm flawless steel pipe: the standing pole is made with 60*3.0mm stell pipe: the horizontal pole is made with 25*1mm steel pipe. All of these are chrome plated.
Dual swing gate is for manual operated.
The gate will be back under the press of the torsional spring and the damping buffer can slow the speed of being back to make the gate operate balanced
The width of the channels : 2.0M ,1.8M, 1.6M
The height of the pillar: 1.07M

Office building
Colleague and University
Elegant hotel
Super market

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